Defensive Badges - 2k19 Updated

What Position gets Dropped?

In every game mode, Defensive Stopper and Rim Protector only trigger against certain matchups. This is dependent on your natural position. You affect your same position, plus one and up one down from you position, AND everyone else within 3 inches of your height. If you are a Small Forward, you drop all SG, SF, PF and any PG or C withing 3 inches of your height. If you are a Small Forward and come into the game slotted as the 2. You still only affect all SG, SF, PF and any PG or C withing 3 inches of your height. Another example, a 6’7 PF affects all SF, PF, C, and every PG/SG that is 6’4 or taller.

What Attributes get Dropped?

Offensive Attributes are lowered when the defender with either Rim Protector or Defensive Stopper is near. If attributes are lowered, it does not take away abilities. For example, if a player has 86 ball control and can speed boost, even though his ball control is lowered by the defender, he can still speed boost.

Attribute Attribute Dropped by?
Open 3 Defensive Stopper
Moving 3 Defensive Stopper
Contested 3 Defensive Stopper
Open Mid Defensive Stopper
Contested Mid Defensive Stopper
Moving Mid Defensive Stopper
Shot Close Defensive Stopper
Draw Foul Defensive Stopper
Passing Accuracy Defensive Stopper
Passing Vision Defensive Stopper
Post Control Defensive Stopper
Post Hook Defensive Stopper
Post Fade Defensive Stopper
Ball Control Defensive Stopper
Standing Layup Rim Protector
Driving Layup Rim Protector
Standing Dunk Rim Protector
Driving Dunk Rim Protector
Contact Dunk Rim Protector


How much do they drop?

When NOT in Takeover

  • Hall of Fame – 9
  • Gold – 7
  • Silver – 5
  • Bronze – 3

When in Takeover

  • Hall of Fame – 15
  • Gold – 10
  • Silver – 8
  • Bronze – 6


What Badges get Dropped?

Badge Badge Dropped by?
Acrobat Defensive Stopper and Rim Protector
Tear Dropper Defensive Stopper
Putback King Rim Protector
Pick and Roller ?
Relentless Finisher Rim Protector
Post Spin Technician Defensive Stopper
Drop Stepper Defensive Stopper
Up and Under Specialist Defensive Stopper
Corner Specialist Defensive Stopper
Mid Range Deadeye Defensive Stopper
Deep Range Deadeye Defensive Stopper
Limitless Range Defensive Stopper
Difficult Shots Defensive Stopper
Pick and Popper ?
Tireless Scorer Defensive Stopper
Catch and Shoot Defensive Stopper
Ankle Breaker Defensive Stopper
Flashy Passer ?
Break Starter ?
Pick and Roll Maestro ?
Lob City Passer ?
Dimer Defensive Stopper
Lob City Finisher Rim Protector
Posterizer Rim Protector
Bruiser No
Brick Wall No
One Man Fast Break ?
Hustle Rebounder No


How much are my opponents badges dropped?

Warning. Still confirming the list below. We have conflicting footage.

The table below shows how much your Defensive Stopper badge or Rim Protector will drop your matchup’s badges. **This is different than 2k18**

Defensive Badge Level Offensive Badge Level Badge Level Dropped To
HoF HoF None
HoF Gold None
HoF Silver None
HoF Bronze None
Gold HoF Bronze
Gold Gold None
Gold Silver None
Gold Bronze None
Silver HoF Silver
Silver Gold Bronze
Silver Silver None
Silver Bronze None
Bronze HoF Gold
Bronze Gold Silver
Bronze Silver Bronze
Bronze Bronze None