How It Affects Speed

Purely from an attribute standpoint, the difference in speed, vertical and acceleration is ~ 6 lower at maximum weight compared to minimum but this difference is very negligible as you can see here and here. In exchange for giving up this tiny amount of movement speed you gain a significant amount of strength, giving you the ability to play improved defense and finish through contact.


Weight on Finishing

For this test we wanted to see if raising your weight helped you finish through contact. We did used the attributes for a 6’6 pure slasher that did not have any badges. We kept the attributes the same for each test and we only changed the weight. Each drive was a wide open drive to the basket which lead to getting met in the paint by the opposing defender. The defender was the same height with 75 shot contest and default weight.

Weight Dunk Success Layup Success Miss Percentage
175 33.5% 24.5% 42%
190 36% 24% 40%
205 38% 23.5% 38.5%
220 39% 22% 39%
235 40.5% 22.5% 37.5%
250 42.5% 21% 36.5%



There is not much to say so far from the test, but we favor maxing your it for pretty much every build. You finish better, play better defense, and the negative affects from losing speed are not that great, especially in the park. We do not have proof yet, but we also believe it helps with boxing out, decreasing the amount of blow by animations, and giving your more blow by animations.