How this works:

This year we are trying to take explaining the dribble moves 1 step further. We have added a heads up display that shows the exact button presses and timing for doing each move. Each move will have a gif of the move in real time, a gif of the move at 50% speed, a hand cam video of Vandy doing the move and an explanation of how to do the move.

Moves List

In Game Tutorial Moves

Moves we will be covering this year

Basic Momentum Dribble

This is the base for many dribble moves and is logically a great place to start. This move can be combo’d into many different moves that we will get into further down the page. Mastering the momentum dribble will be the foundation of your stick skills going forward.


This year when doing the momentum dribble you can hold RT/R2 the entire time. This move works with both hands but you need to pay attention to which hand you are dribbling with. When the ball is in your right hand start with a Right 7. Give an extremely short pause, less than a second, then Left 8.